M2 MacBook Pro or M2 MacBook Air, which one should you buy?

The time has come for the dedicated MacBook Pro & MacBook Air users to move from Intel over to the Apple silicon processors. Apple made Intel-based Macs all the way to 2020 and they are fine computers. The Intel Macs are going to be running for quite a while but I have a hunch, that they will not be running the next mac operating system (Mac OS 14). The Intel Macs work so much harder than the new Macs with Apple silicon, this causes significant problems, such as excessive heat. If you have ever used a 16” Intel Mac you know what I mean, I called mine the “flame thrower” or the “jet turbine”. These computers run hot and let’s not talk about the nonexistent battery life!

Apple silicon-based Macs are super-fast, they run cool and the battery seems to last forever…. So, is that the end of my blog, nope, which one should you choose? I get this question quite a bit at The Mac Corner and the answer is…. it depends.

Starting with the M1 processors the MacBook Air looks more like the MacBook Pro 14”!  Even more than the 13.3” M1 MacBook Pro!  The 13.3” MacBook Pro just looks like Apple had a lot of extra parts left over from the Intel touch bar version and continued inserting the M2 and then the M2 into the body of the Intel MacBook Pro. It’s a good machine it’s just in an old body, while it works fine, it has that unpopular touch bar.

The MacBook Air M2 looked like Apple did the same thing just replacing Intel with the M1 and called it a day. However, with the M2 version of the MacBook Air Apple redesigned the body to fit a bigger battery and deleted the fan out of the computer. You might wonder why Apple got rid of the fan? The iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” both have the M2 Processor and no fan so why not remove a part that could fail & possibly make some noise from the MacBook Air. Brilliant, which might also attribute to longer battery life with less power required parts.

After all the differences above I recommend the following:

  1. Buy a M2 MacBook Air for students who need a reliable computer that will last all day. As an alternative the M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air would be an excellent price-based choice.
  2. Buy a 14” or 16” MacBook Pro for a power user. Creatives, editors, task heavy application users (or something like that)

At The Mac Corner you can find newer M1 Apple computers and older Intel Macs at a price that will fit your budget. We also offer financing options to help you pay for the computer over time. Every Mac we sell goes through a 22-point inspection and comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty is better than good, it’s almost a risk free purchase, because we are so confident in our inspection and quality. We inspect for liquid damage and swollen batteries. These 2 items impact many Apple laptops sold online, and buyer beware if it’s not disclosed.

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